Return & Refund policy

Return & refund policy

    1. Return Policy

A maximum of 30% of Full Crates on Returnable Glass Bottles may be returned after purchase.

PETs & Cans are not eligible for full returns.

Once Full Crates & Empty Crates have been collected, please send us a copy of the Credit Note remitted by the delivery team by email on

Refund for Full & Empty Crates to be done within 2 weeks of collection.

    2. In the event we are unable to fulfill delivery of your paid order, you will be notified by email and shall be reimbursed the totality of the amount paid within 14 business days.

    3. For any other complaint you may have, please contact our after sales service, and we will revert back with a solution within 2 business days.


At, we remain committed to providing the best service and quality to our loyal customers. However, we will welcome any recommendation you might have to further improve our service.

The sale of alcoholic drinks is
prohibited to minors

La vente de boissons alcoolisées est interdite aux mineurs.

An excessive consumption of alcoholic drinks causes
serious health, social and domestic problems.

La consommation excessive de boissons alcoolisées est la cause
de sérieux problèmes liés à la santé, de problèmes domestiques et sociaux.

Don’t drink
and drive.

Ne pas boire
et conduire.